December 18, 2010

Just start typing already! (the very first blog)

DECEMBER 18, 2010

I am a performer. A singer. I have only wanted to do this ONE THING all my life.

I am grateful for those precious moments on a stage, any stage. I am even more grateful, as a tax paying citizen when it is a lucrative opportunity. I work hard at creating the best product I can possibly share in that moment and when there isn't a stage that needs me, I do other things that support the mission to get me back on a stage. It’s a cycle. I knew when I was 5 that, somehow, I was not going to have an average existence. I was ok with that. Like I said, I love what I do.

So, great. I love what I do. Bla, bla, bla. Why the blog?

Let me first say that, NO, this will not be a blog talking about how I feel about my vocal cords. Yes, singers have a reputation for talking - a lot - about their voices, like it is somehow a separate entity instead of being attached to the body that shelters it. That is not my aim. We have all been educated up the wazoo about our precious voices. Got it. Message received. Moving on.

I want to talk about the thing in which I have not been educated. The thing that I have had to teach myself, or, find out the hard way. That thing?


THE BUSINESS of MAKING MONEY as an artistic entrepreneur in Canada.
More specifically, as a SINGER. Did your Music Degree supply you with a semester on that?

SAVING MONEY in a financial climate that is ever-changing. SAVING MONEY in an industry that is feast or famine. We all know it. We don't talk about it. I'm fascinated, and slightly terrified of this topic but, it does no good sitting here alone in my thoughts.


EDUCATION. When is business education going to be a part of a UNIVERSITY level MUSIC degree for PERFORMERS? When will singers learn how to create something for themselves that will be valuable after the voice goes to the dark side?

RETIREMENT. What does your life look like right now, while you're healthy, handsome, eager, and in top form? What will your life look like when you are 50 or 60? What will you sound like at 50 or 60? Ahhhh, and there it is. You know it's coming.

WHAT ARE WE MISSING? What do we NEED TO KNOW? How can we CREATE, be CONSTRUCTIVE, and LUCRATIVE at the same time?

There is a GAP in our education.
There is a GAP in our comfort level of representing,
and growing our talents, not just in the practice room.

THIS is what I want to talk about. THIS is what I want YOU to think about.

Over the next while, I intend to talk with more and more people on the CREATIVE, FORWARD THINKING end of this industry. I have no idea how this project will evolve. The intentions are good. Let the discovery begin.